spittle from a cloud

like: vector mill

10 simple ways to make wireframes more useful 

like: great “diy food” site from williams-sonoma, agrarian. beautiful photography too!

like: iprototype. when can i buy this?!

inspiration: e-ink. wow.


people i know based on the faces from the katango app …¬†

inspiration: make something every day


katango i designed these for the opening screens of a new iphone app by katango. the app organizes your facebook friends into groups, “automagically.” they didn’t have enough time to get the entire design in before launch, but you can download the app here

infographic on silicon valley salaries. they should have looked at interaction designers  instead of graphic designers.


monstremontre i started working as an interaction designer at ebay about 5 months ago. bye-bye school. made these guys as a “logo” for my ebay account.

like: iphone slr mount. crazy!

inspiration: if the world were a village of 100 people via fubiz

3d form vs function: illuminated object

illuminated object our final project was to make a light

finishing touches

finally figured out the secret to spray paint … primer

putting the lights in

view from the top

it was raining that day … the lit up raindrops were probably the best part

like: pac-man + moleskine

like: keyboard pillows

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